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When you get a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, you do more than enhance your appearance by filling the gap in your teeth, you also protect your dental health. Dr. Kevin D. Jennings, LLC. in Chesapeake, Virginia, can replace your lost tooth with a high-quality bridge that looks just like your natural teeth. If you have questions about a dental bridge or you’d like to schedule an exam, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Bridge Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic structure used to replace one or more missing teeth. Although there are several types of bridges, most are made from two crowns with a replacement tooth between them.

The crowns are placed over the existing teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, where they hold the new tooth in the gap. In some cases, a bridge may be anchored by dental implants rather than crowns.

How does a bridge improve my dental health?

Many people focus on getting a bridge for the cosmetic benefit of improving their appearance, which is important, but a bridge also protects your dental health.

When you have a missing tooth, the neighboring teeth begin to move out of place, tilting toward the opening rather than staying in an upright position. A missing tooth also leads to tooth movement in the opposite jaw. Teeth tend to shift up or down toward the open space.

It only takes a slight tooth movement to throw your bite out of balance and create abnormal pressure when you bite down. This leaves you at a risk for tooth damage, pain, and decay.

Since a bridge fills the space where your tooth is missing, it restores your normal bite and maintains the natural shape of your jaw and face.

What is the process for getting a bridge?

Before the on-site work for your bridge is done at Dr. Kevin D. Jennings, LLC., X-rays are taken and Dr. Jennings performs a thorough exam. It’s important to be sure your existing teeth can support the bridge and to determine whether any dental work is needed before inserting a bridge.

When you come in for your first bridge appointment, Dr. Jennings prepares the teeth that will anchor the bridge by shaping them to support a crown. Then he takes an impression of your teeth and covers the prepared teeth with a temporary bridge.

The impression goes to a dental lab that makes the permanent bridge. When your new bridge is ready, Dr. Jennings removes the temporary bridge and cements the permanent bridge in place.

How should I care for my bridge?

Your bridge needs the same good dental care as the rest of your teeth — brushing and flossing twice daily — but you’ll need to add an extra step where you clean under the bridge using a special flossing device or brush. Dr. Jennings gives you tips on how to care for your bridge after it’s in place.

To learn more about getting a dental bridge, call Dr. Kevin D. Jennings, LLC. or book an appointment online today.